What I’ve been up to… Saturday, Apr 11 2009 

“Eileen!” you, my non-existent readership, might be wondering, “what exactly is it that has kept you from updating?”

Well, non-existent readership, I’ll tell you.

  • I’ve been making new friends!  The gorgeous Gabby, my newest friend, has lately been of major importance in my life. Expect to hear more about her soon.  I met her good friend, Aly (of Miss Lumpy fame) soon after, as well as her sister Anna of Baking Life Sweeter, Julia of Ms. Julia, and Victoria of one of my absolute favorite blogs, Lolita Charm. Wow. I actually haven’t met Julia or Victoria offline yet, but we will soon be attending the Daffodil Festival together, and I’m sure it will be wonderful. They’re lovely ladies, and I command you to stop reading this right now and go visit their blogs. No excuses, you people, go and read!
  • I’ve been doing an awful lot of traveling. Last Thursday Gabby, our mutual friend Mike, and I drove all about Fairfield County and even had an “adventure” trying to find an abandoned amusement park Gabby’s boyfriend had mentioned. (It turns out we spent hours looking for Pleasure Beach, which more or less burned down a year ago! Oops.) I also went to the Upper East Side by myself to visit my cousin, JFK to pick up a friend, Jack (and utterly terrify tourists by dancing and singing exuberantly with Anna while trying to find our way to the proper terminal), and the Palisades Mall in New Jersey with some of the aformentioned new buddies. I visited many of these places in lolita, and consequently have stopped realizing that I’m being stared at–it’s just part of the scenery by now!
  • I got my wisdom teeth out! If anything I say right now doesn’t make sense, you can just blame it on the Percocet, even though I actually suffer surprisingly few effects from that.
  • I finally finished the Clock Ruffle skirt I’ve been working on–I promise I will treat you to pictures as soon as earthly possible.

As you might imagine, the last few weeks have been insanely busy–I’ve been getting to bed super-late every night. Now, however, I am on vacation, so I have enough time to update for you, Non-Existent Reader. Next up are some thoughts about friendship and what I like to call transmogrification. (First, I’m going to fold the massive pile of laundry that’s on my bed, just sitting there ominously. Spooky.)

See you very soon!



Finally, updates! Saturday, Apr 11 2009 

Okay, so maybe in the Blogosphere two weeks is a long time between updates. For me, it’s practically a miracle that I’ve updated at all, and I’ll take these small victories as they come!  To make up for it, I have oodles of stuff to post about, from an update on the whirlwind of activity that has been the last few weeks, some thoughts on newfound friends, an essay on lolita and hedonism, and a shameless exhibition of my latest work.  I’m breaking these all up in different posts for your convenience, but don’t fret: they’ll be up by tonight, and that’s a promise!

Hey There! Friday, Mar 27 2009 

Hello, everyone!  I’m Eileen, happy owner (or what you will) of petticoated! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m eighteen years old and almost done with high school.  Only problem: despite my efforts (and my good credentials) I haven’t managed to get into college.  Whoops.  As an aspiring classicist, this is a bit of a problem, and I’ll admit that at my first “Hey, you’ve been waitlisted” letter I was pretty distraught.  I spent a few days whining about it to various friends–oh, how I love them for putting up with me–and then started thinking: what about my dream of going to university in Europe?  More specifically, Germany?  I had wanted to do so for several years, but ultimately rejected it for financial reasons.  However, I’ve discovered a few things since then:

a.) Education in Germany is what I wish education in America could be: high in quality, low in price.  One of the schools I was looking at was certainly high in quality, but was also $50,000 a year.

b.) It is theoretically possible to get by with a part-time job while attending university: I have a friend who does this.

c.) Which means, hey, I could do this!

d.) As much as I tried to ignore it, I still want to get the heck out of Dodge, and by Dodge I mean Connecticut and even America in general.  The past eight years have made me pretty restless, to be completely honest.

Therefore, Germany, Berlin in particular, will hopefully become my new home by sometime in August or September.  This is a pretty huge deal, so I’ve decided to keep a blog detailing my assuredly fabulous journey, and throw in natterings about Latin (my one true love), fashion (particularly Lolita fashion, which I adore), literature (I recently had to install new shelves just for my books), sewing, crocheting, sculpture, and whatever else happens to come to mind!  Like the gorgeous Gala Darling, I may make daily outfits shots a regular feature, so please be sure to check back often for those.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll blog every day (unless you REALLY want to keep track of my every movement, and if you do, we need to have a little talk), but I will try to blog regularly.

See you next time!